Remote Patient Monitoring

Bringing health services to individuals regardless of their location

From patients needing medical care, to the doctor who is providing it, telehealth is a great resource to keep patients and doctors connected using virtual visits without having to visit a medical facility. Mobility Exchange offers telemedicine software solutions which allow access to healthcare services for remote care management. The platform is easily integrated to complement existing workflows, secure with encryption on every real-time voice and video session and interoperable to push/ pull from EMR systems.

Provide access to quality care

When patients cannot visit a physical location, virtual visits allow the care to come to straight to them

Connect patients with timely urgent care

During or after a health emergency, telehealth provides immediate access to care for those in critical condition

Enhance provider productivity

With pre-screening capabilities, a provider can utilize telehealth to assist with diagnostics, freeing up the provider’s time to focus on others

Reduce overall costs of healthcare

Remotely monitoring a patient via telehealth reduces the need for hospital readmission and follow-up visits

Key Features

Secure live video communication

Store-and-forward for the electronic transmission of medical information

HIPAA compliant software to include RPM, Telemedicine, and EMR integration

Assistance with implementation, training, end user support and device management

Expand access to healthcare in the most efficient way.

Telehealth provides an environment for communication that is secure, HIPAA-compliant and replaces paper documents with digital records summarizing the virtual visit. 

Areas we serve

Telehealth Booth Option

Provides privacy within libraries, medical centers, community-based organizations, and other public locations for remote doctor visits, therapist sessions and various online medical appointments.

  • Mounted tablet for Telehealth
  • UVC Lighting and HEPA filters
  • Option for ADA compatible booth