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HIMSS 2023 Products Showcased

MobEx Health Hub

MobEx Health Hub is a purpose-built tablet to enhance patient engagement and support a value-based health care model.

  • Provides Access to Care from Home
  • Improves Patient Health Outcomes
  • Reduces Hospital Readmissions
  • Empowers Individuals to Take Control of Their Health

MobEx+ Kiosk Stations

MobEx+ Kiosk Stations provide underserved communities with an easily accessible option for accessing community-based resources and clinical care.

Continuum of Care

The Continuum of Care tablet begins with a patient in a hospital setting and goes home with the patient after discharge. 

  • Equipped with a digital healthcare assistant (avatar) which provides an alternative to the standard tablet experience.
  • Translation services offered in 16 different languages and include speech to text and text to voice options.

Telehealth / Remote
Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring offers health services and clinical care to individuals regardless of their location with dependable, easy to use software. 

Family Connect

The Family Connect tablet aims to help senior adults continue to live freely and comfortably in their own homes as they age. 

With the senior population continually increasing, this comprehensive software provides families with peace of mind and insight into the lives of their senior family member and their health journey.


At Mobility Exchange, we believe everyone deserves to be healthy, inside and out.


We prioritize quality and accuracy in all our applications to ensure the best possible care and outcomes for patients.


We create the most efficient and reliable applications that make it easier for healthcare workers to monitor and care for their patients.


We are committed to continuously innovating healthcare technology applications to keep pace with changing demands of the healthcare industry and client needs.

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