MobEx Health Hub

Powering Value-Based Care

MobeX Health Hub provides a comprehensive tool to maintain personal independence, improve health and member engagement while supporting the continuum of care process.

This interactive health hub transforms any environment into a connected health and wellness center allowing Clinicians and Members to proactively manage care at home. MobeX Health Hub provides your member with a tool enhance their healthcare journey with Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth, medication logging, vitals capturing, brain stimulating activities, content sharing and secure Messaging and Communication.*

Hospital Setting

Allows patients to engage in their healthcare journey while in the hospital setting

Short Term Care/ Post Surgery

Provides visibility to easily follow treatment plans and engage with provider

Home Health/ Senior Centers

Offers Vitals Monitoring, Wound Care Management and Telehealth Communication

Continuum of Care

Provides patient-centered care over extended period of time for those with chronic conditions to manage symptoms and follow treatment plans

Featuring Your Digital Healthcare Assistant

MobEx Health Hub is equipped with a Digital Healthcare Assistant which helps guide the individual through the user experience. The Digital Healthcare Assistant improves accessibility standards, compliance and can improve user experience by conveying information in an alternate and creative way.

Member Tablet

Clinician Web Portal

Mobile App

*Translation services offered for 16 different languages

For Clinician Teams:

For Members:

Taking a preventative approach to health and wellness