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MobEx Health Hub - Powering Value Based Care

MobeX Health Hub cultivates enterprise-scale solutions to the clinical and social challenges of our day in both continuum and home healthcare alike.

This interactive health hub transforms any environment into a connected health and wellness center allowing Clinicians and Members to proactively manage care at home. MobeX Health Hub provides your member with a tool to maintain personal independence, improve health and easily enhance their healthcare journey. With Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth, as well as Secure Messaging and Communication, MobeX Health Hub helps monitor the wellness status of your member.

MobEx Health Hub Dashboard

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MobeX Health Hub Clinician Web Portal

Clinician Web Portal

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Taking a preventative approach to health and wellness

One Platform with Individualized Care Plans Tailored to the Unique Needs of Each Individual

For Clinician Teams:

For Members:

Extending Access to Content Resources

Educational Resources for Chronic Ailments
Behavioral Health Resources
Linking Individuals to Health and Wellness Support
Integrating Peripherals
Smart Home Devices/ Sensors
Integrating Peripherals
Remote Patient Monitoring Devices
Integrating Peripherals
Fall Detection/ PERS Devices
Integrating Peripherals
Smart Watch Integration
Integrating Peripherals
Predictive Analytics to Recognize Anomalies to Regular Routine