Managed Services

Let us assist in keeping you compliant by managing and securing all your mobile device assets, software licenses, laptops, computers and RPM Devices

Mobile Device Management Platform for Secure Lockdown of Devices

Protecting mobile devices by applying security policies which align with HIPAA-compliant security standards. We work with you to secure devices, provide content management, and outline white-listing of approved applications for your workforce or patient population.

Reporting on Compliance and Protection

Part of our service is to guarantee that all your mobile devices meet security standards. Our reporting identifies which devices meet your security standards, encryption compliance, and device assignments.

Management and Push of New Applications

Let us help you manage a company profile on all mobile devices that are used by your workforce. Our services are focused on establishing new standards across your workforce by creating a work profile on all devices with approved apps, and secure ways to communicate with patients.

Management Portal

Gives your organization an ordering and management dashboard with full visibility into asset location, quantities, and much more. Includes exporting capabilities for on demand reporting.