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About Us:

By designing leading IoT solutions, and providing purpose-built mobile devices, Mobility eXchange enables our clients to enhance productivity, create new services and revenue models, and provide distinct market differentiation within their industry. By engineering leading IoT solutions, Mobility eXchange aids in advancing productivity and increasing system-wide performance. 

The gap between technology and your business can now be filled through customized integration of the Internet of Things.

How To Work With Us

1. Contact us to schedule a discovery to understand pain points, technology gaps and workflow opportunities

2. We organize the data and logistics to create a complete solution

3. Solution is QA’d, branded and deployed. Ongoing training and Tier 1 support is provided as well

Remote Patient Monitoring

Telehealth - Telemedicine

Digital Health

Electronic Visit Verification

*Your organization may qualify for supplemental funding for Hypertension or Telehealth through

Behavioral Health

Clinical Workflow Enhancement

Aging In Place

Mediik Health

Infant and Patient Security

Healthcare Chatbot

Secure Messaging

Thermal Check-in

Virtual Meeting

COVID-19 PCR Testing Kits

Personal Protective Equipment


Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth

Driving Logs

COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduler

Curious how mobile IoT can help streamline your business processes? 

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