Mobility Exchange Offers Multiple Techology Solutions Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

In light of chages during COVID-19, Mobility Exchange offers advanced capabilities in solutions for both healthcare and non-healthcare facilities

Mobility Exchange’s Home Health monitoring kit gives you peace of mind and vital results to share with your care team, all in the comfort of your own home.
Remote patient monitoring allows providers to collect health information about patients digitally. Studies have shown that service results in live-time data-sharing can lead to more tailored care and better health outcomes.

The hospital monitoring kit equips hospitals with Blood Pressure Cuffs, Blood Glucose Meters, Weight Scales, Pulse Ox, and features an antibacterial casing for optimal sanitation.
Hospitals can perform telemedicine through tablets and collect health information about patients digitally. Proper preparedness is key to responding to an influx of patients.

Mobility Exchange offers telehealth solutions specifically for COVID-19 to increase access, to healthcare while controlling cost, enhancing quality and making compliance easier.

Mobility Exchange Telehealth services, provide you with ability to deliver immediacy of care and minimize the constraints of location. Telemedicine shows us that the future of healthcare is, partially at least, outside of the traditional brick and mortar environments.

“Telehealth” is now more commonly used as it describes the wide range of diagnosis and management, education and other related fields of health care. These include but are not limited to:

  • Senior Wellness

  • Cunseling

  • Chronic Disease monitoring and management

  • Physical and occupational therapy

  • Home Health

  • Disaster Management

  • Consumer and professional education

  • Dentistry

COVID-19 has created a critical need to streamline patient intake and check-in procedures within healthcare facilities.

Patients are able to check in with a mobile application via QR code for touchless interaction registration. By eliminating paper  systems and streamlining check-in procedures, medical professionals are able to take in more patients and protect the health of those in the office more efficiently.

Curbside Check-in provides the following outcomes:

  • Streamlined operations within a medical practice

  • File sharing with images and videos

  • PHI protected system

Mobility Exchange, an innovative mobile technology company, has proactively designed a program to address the vital need to provide Curbside Check-in for facilties.

The need for compliance in social and workplace distancing with those who are commonly in close proximity to one another has become an increasing concern. By controlling and monitoring close contact within an environment, each community or facility can protect and mitigate the risk of staff and employees contracting illnesses within their walls.

Keeping a set distance apart, which is set up and determined by a software setting ahead of time, has been proven to aid in slowing the spread of illnesses that spread from human to human.  Since many individuals spread viruses before knowing they are ill, the auditable record this solution provides is a great way to protect and anticipate future outbreaks.

Social and workplace distancing provides the following outcomes:

  • An auditable record of which individuals have been in contact with whom

  • Increased compliance with any state and local distancing regulations

  • Maintain a safe and healthy environment for staff and workers

COVID-19 has created a critical need for touchless access to facilities and smart monitoring of sanitization within them. Stopping the spread of surface germs with touchless door access and touchless switches are crucial.
Minimizing the risk of infection and stopping the spread of disease will be an ongoing process within medical, professional and co-op facilities. As restrictions lift, individuals and patients may be confused and fearful about safe and
necessary precautions needed in returning to a new normal way of life.

By implementing precautionary measures such as touchless systems, biometric access, retina scanning and hand hygiene monitoring within heavily trafficked and high risk places, the goal is to ease fears and bring peace of mind to those returning to activities and appointments post COVID-19.The objective is to mitigate the following challenges:

● The transmission of diseases and germs commonly spread through touching
● Patient fear of visiting a medical facility due to illnesses circulating
● Transmittal of illnesses among facility staff

To control health safety in public spaces or in an office where staff need to perform a temperature check, Mobility Exchange offers a thermal monitoring platform for large or small area temperature detection following COVID-19. Those with higher body temperatures are flagged and able to be further screened to control the spread of illnesses and prevent future outbreaks.

The digital system is convenient and simple to operate. Once a
temperature range is set, any individual exceeding the temperature in a crowd or when checking into the office, that individual is flagged. Infrared images appear on a display screen for fast and proactive monitoring. The safety of the crowd can always be guarded with concealed design and smooth operation.

Tracking and managing assets in real time is a critical need for many companies. Clients can control inventory location, supply chain measures and track sanitation of assets with Mobility Exchange’s Asset Tracking and Management platform.

  • Track assets and their cleanliness for healthcare facilities, office spaces, pharmacies and food service locations.

  • Maximize workflow, track equipment-to-patient interactions, distinguish which assets are clean and which are soiled while automating infection risk alerts.

Touchless access is the future to controlling disease spread in our communities. Touchless building access and security for hospitals, healthcare facilities, office spaces, grocery stores and banks can be implemented with key cards or biometrics.

This system improves the flow of foot traffic and optimizes security.

Mobility Exchange offers an infection control platform to control the spread of diseases while minimizing associated infections within their facility.

  • Compliance regulation for hospitals, healthcare facilities, skilled nursing and senior facilities.

  • Aids in patient tracking, as well as sanitization and safety.

  • Includes management of assets as well as temperature and environmental monitoring sensors.

COVID-19 has brought the importance of adopting smart city technology to the forefront of many minds. By utilizing this technology, cities can monitor sensors and data to trace the contacts of targeted individuals. The platform also employs real time monitoring of utilities, production, waste management and digital payment processing.

This program enables clients to connect their cities with the Internet of Things (IoT) to become more connected, networked and collaborative.

This program helps clients stay knowledgeable and transparent regarding community resources, engagement, collaboration and inclusion. Members can help their communities improve their quality of life, economic competitiveness and sustainability with smart city framework.

Mobility Exchange’s Sanitation Tracking and Resource Management platform is used in retail, large entertainment venues, sports gathering areas and more!

The solution includes the monitoring and sanitization in common areas, as well as social distancing measures and alerts to mitigate the spread of germs within a particular venue.

Mobility Exchange’s Hospitality, Retail and Gaming Management platform offers touchless access systems and sanitizer dispensers with integrated sensors for the protection of guests.

  • Includes personal, yet gentle, reminders to staff to encourage new compliance standards of operation.

  • Staff badges communicate with sanitation dispensers to automatically collect hand washing compliance data.

  • Also features asset sanitization management.

Mobility Exchange’s Environmental Monitoring for Food Services platform helps cleints achieve the goal of monitoring their environment while keeping their consumers safe.

The platform provides peace of mind with safety measures to keep clients aware of potential pathogens in food service areas. Customers can achieve food safety standards and reduce food waste with temperature reulation, wireless temperature and environmental monitoring.

Customer and patient satisfaction can be tracked and managed with Mobility Exchange’s online shopping engagement platform. This software is ideal for tracking satisfaction and retention rates for your company. The platform includes a rewards program and engagement monitoring for optimal results.

Protecting your employees while on the clock is crucial to their security. Mobility Exchange’s Critical Personal Protection platform for employees includes mobile integration with traditional security systems, video management systems, access control, and mass notification systems. The platform offers panic signaling, fall detection and a call for help button.

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