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The gap between technology and your business can now be filled through customized integration of the internet of things

About Us:

By designing leading IoT solutions, and providing purpose-built mobile devices, Mobility eXchange enables our clients to enhance productivity, create new services and revenue models, and provide distinct market differentiation within their industry. By engineering leading IoT solutions, Mobility eXchange aids in advancing productivity and increasing system-wide performance. 

The gap between technology and your business can now be filled through customized integration of the Internet of Things.

How To Work With Us

1. Contact us to schedule a discovery meeting to understand pain points, technology gaps and workflow opportunities

2. We organize the data and logistics to create a complete solution

3. Solution is QA’d, branded and deployed. Ongoing training and Tier 1 support is provided as well


Mobility eXchange continues to develop innovative ideas and integrated products in an array of different markets. Our strategic partnerships allow us to provide custom solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client.

The search for opportunities to provide a new, unparalleled solution offering never ends!


Asset Tracking


Field Force Management


Advanced Paging System


Electronic Driver Logs


Digital Displays


Digital Forms

Thermal Check-in


The process is simple! Beginning with a locked down mobile device, a custom mobile suite is created with applications and managed services to provide your business with one, all encompassed solution. Mobility eXchange is your tech curator. After examining your workflow to discover the most efficient way to integrate the latest mobile technology and software, your custom solution is engineered while being deployed quickly and effectively.

Our goal is to provide the most efficient workflows with technology to develop an automated master strategy specific to your business needs.

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