About Us

We customize purpose-built mobile solutions designed to overcome the unique challenges of your business

Your digital transformation is a challenging and complex process and Mobility Exchange has the innovative foresight to implement the digital infrastructure that meets the needs of your organization.

Mobility Exchange is a leading technology solutions provider deploying purpose-built devices and enabling clients in innovative ways to increase revenue, create new services and provide distinct market differentiation within their industry while creating an edge over the competition.

No matter the vertical, Mobility Exchange bridges the gap from an unconnected business environment to a connected solution.  We marry infrastructure and desired outcome with purpose-built technology providing actionable analytics and real-time reporting.

Think of us as your ‘Tech Curators’

After examining the workflows of your organization, we discover intuitive ways to integrate the latest mobile technology. Desired innovation helps enhance quality of care and improve outcomes of individuals. We are focused on providing the infrastructure to help your organization care for the person as a whole. 

Mobile Devices

We identify devices based on the solution ranging from Tablets, Smartphones, RFID Trackers, Routers, and Modems. Our platform is device agnostic, leaving the door open to endless options.

Custom Apps

Mobility Exchange can help solve complex problems with custom mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms. We can help develop the infrastructure and implement a new solution to help with everyday challenges.

Automated Network

Our skilled team automates the configuration of your system, manages, tests, deploys and maintains operations of your devices and network.

Software Integration

From System integration, to custom software applications, we provide the software to support your business processes and needs.

Cloud Services

Mobility Exchange provides the resources to manage valuable data on your devices. Network, software, analytics and machine learning are all integrated into your custom solution.

Who We Serve