The MEDiiK Health app powered by Mobility Exchange is a one of a kind Population Health platform encouraging clinicians and caregivers to care for the WHOLE PERSON and address social risk factors that are so critical to ones quality of life. Our focus is on delivering a better healthcare value.

Per CMS from the Accountable Health Communities (AHC) model, One in Three beneficiaries of Medicare and Medicaid reported at least one core health related social need. Food needs were most common followed by housing, and transportation. Supporting Activities of Daily Living (ADL) is now easier than ever to engage for your members.

This secure downloadable app was developed to bridge the gap between clinical care, community services, and family members of the patient. It also offers your members and workforce a way to share and engage in a digital environment. The power behind the MEDiiK Health platform allows you to setup an environment to engage, educate, and care for your members.