Kitting and Branding - Mobility eXchange
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Mobility eXchange offers an array of kitting and branding services which range from fulfillment using the OEM’s current packaging, to designing and composing personalized packaging. Our company also offers branding and de-branding of devices. The systems and processes we have adopted allow for stable execution of some of the most complex kitting and branding requirements.


After over a decade of innovating mobile device customization, Mobility eXchange remains on the cutting edge providing services for clients. This customization process is initiated by the branding of devices and accessories, followed by preloading digital content onto devices, concluding with custom packaging for the mobile devices. These services are tailored to a unique banded experience which is delivered straight to the end user.


The high-quality, full-color graphics we embellish devices with are accredited to the patent-pending COLOR and LASER customization process we utilize. This is done without voiding the device’s warranty and will not peel, flake or fade.


By preloading digital content in devices, Mobility eXchange crates a layered experience which digitally personalizes your electronics. The customized content will reinforce the impact of your device and expand its usefulness over time. Mobility eXchange loads your devices with custom home and lock screens, applications, videos, music, photos, PDFs, and any additional content you desire. Furthermore, Mobility eXchang offers Mobile Device Management to deploy security updates, deliver push notifications and convey new content to all your devices.


Take the brand experience further with custom printed packaging solutions ranging from sleeves, boxes and gift wrap to shrink wrap and one-of-a-kind packaging variations.



Showcase your brand and reduce wear and tear on your devices with personalized printed full-color cases and accessories. From leather to metal, we can customize cases and accessories from nearly any material.


StealthArmor showcases your company’s logo while offering exceptional protection. This high-quality protective film is precision cut ad heat bonded directly to the device for style and protection. While traditional cases are unnecessarily bulky, StealthArmor is thin and precisely fitting.