Electronic Visit Verification - Mobility eXchange
Mobility Exchange provides a turnkey, HIPAA compliant, Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) solution for the state of New Mexico that monitors, reports, and authenticates Home Healthcare services.
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Electronic Visit Verification

Mobility Exchange’s Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) platform is bringing a new level of security and ease to healthcare providers and patients.  We’ve developed a powerful system… that monitors, reports, and authenticates the EVV process.  Mobility Exchange makes it simple, secure, and cost-effective for your organization.

With the CURES Act officially in place, states are looking for a robust solution current EVV options do not provide. Fraud, lack of accountability, and poor reporting plague the industry.

At Mobility Exchange, we help deploy a system that allows your organization to provide better patient care through detailed documentation and monitoring, digital management of caregiver schedules, and GPS-based location to reduce fraudulent time tracking and inaccurate claims.

Our intuitive EVV system uses biometrics to validate a user’s identity, on a smartphone or tablet, to then authenticate their activity. This confirms the caregiver’s location and timeframe as they administer care specific to a patient.

Mobility Exchange works with multiple EVV software partners and provides you with a customized dashboard interface. Each user transaction record encompasses proof of presence, date, and time stamps. This auditable record can be utilized for billing, time cards, scheduling, and tracking. And all of this prevents fraudulent activity, maximizes ROI and improves patient care.

Additionally, because our devices are locked down under a secure system, this enables us to provide electronic medical records, remote patient monitoring, peer to peer messaging, and HIPAA compliant telehealth services to our customers.

Under the CURES act, you may even be eligible for reimbursement of your EVV system’s costs.

Electronic Visit Verification is the future. Mobility Exchange makes it simple, secure, and cost-effective for your business.