Mobility Exchange takes the lead with Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)
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Mobility Exchange takes the lead with Electronic Visit Verification

Providing State Agencies with their own 21st Century Cures Act Tool Box

IRVINE, CA, JANUARY 22, 2018: Mobility Exchange provides home healthcare agencies with scalable Electronic Visit Verification, Mobility EVV, products and solutions. Currently deployed with state agencies and healthcare providers across the United States, Mobility EVV products are turnkey solutions enabling enhanced patient care, detailed reporting, patient monitoring, automated billing & scheduling, and fraud prevention, all within in a HIPAA compliant mobile platform.

Currently, Mobility EVV devices are active for the entire state of New Mexico. The benefits of the program are actively seen by a significant reduction in fraudulent claims, increased quality of patient care, and accuracy of patient care services.

Electronic Visit Verification will be mandated for all states. The “21st Century Cures Act” will penalize states who have not implemented an EVV solution beginning in 2019.  With Mobility EVV, you integrate a toolbox of EVV solutions allowing your organization to provide better patient care, detailed documentation and monitoring, digital management of caregiver schedules, and GPS based location monitoring to reduce fraudulent time tracking and inaccurate payroll claims.

The good news, you are incentivized to implement an EVV system that streamlines your operations and services your patients more efficiently and accurately.  There are funds available from the government that help fund the costs attributed to the design, development or installation of a system.

All Mobility EVV solutions are customized for your organization including online management for your providers.

Key features & benefits when deploying an EVV solution from Mobility Exchange:

  • Online management system for caregivers and mobile devices
  • GPS location tracking for accurate location reporting
  • Time management system for accurately clocking in and out for services provided
  • Analytics to help refine services and deliver the proper care
  • Potential government funding through the CURES ACT

About 21st Century Cures Act:

The 21st Century Cures Act (Cures Act), signed into law on December 13, 2016, is designed to help accelerate medical product development and bring new innovations and advances to patients who need them faster and more efficiently.  For more information:

About Mobility Exchange:

Mobility Exchange is a leading IoT solutions provider deploying purpose built devices enabling clients’ innovative ways to enhance revenue, create new services and revenue models, and provide a distinct market differentiation within their industry to create that edge over the competition.