Aging In Place - Mobility eXchange
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Aging In Place

As the number of baby boomers needing care increases, the safety and independence of these seniors is a growing concern. Regardless of age or ability level, self-reliance often brings forth satisfaction.

Mobility Exchange offers a secure, mobile platform for remote monitoring of elderly loved ones. This comprehensive system is HIPAA compliant for a two-way telehealth consultation.

Designed to assist a generation that is not the most tech-savvy, this solution is accurate and easy to use. The screen features large icons programmed to reach family, a caregiver, or emergency services.

Aging in place encompasses applications such as geofence security, a medication adherence platform, fall prevention/ detection, and access to telemedicine providers. Seniors even have the ability to control appliances in their home through their mobile device.

Compatible With:

  • Geofence Security Application
  • Heartrate senor with real-time analysis
  • Blood pressure cuff
  • Respiratory sensor
  • Text message alerts when door is locked/ unlocked
  • Remote lock/ unlock door
  • Sleepsense under pillow to track heart rate and REM sleep